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Black Friday- It’s For Crafters Too

Black Friday- that simple phrase brings up a lot of opinions and feelings.  We never did the Black Friday shopping when I was a kid.  As a young adult on a budget, I felt bound to go out early Friday morning so I could afford to cross those nicer gifts off my list.  As someone nearing middle age, I do most of my holiday shopping throughout the year.  Black Friday has now become a day where I shop for me.  My hubby gets dragged to ALL the craft stores.   

Ah, but the craft stores… So many deals.  As someone who works with all sorts of medias, it’s a dream come true.  While not everyone has released their Black Friday adds (ehm!  I am looking at you JoAnns and Michaels!) many of the craft stores have the same sales each year.  Many deals start at 50% and then the sky is the limit.  I am hoping JoAnns will have their normal bead sale (where I can pick up bead strands for just $2!).  It’s also a time to stock up on embroidery floss, craft paper and Cricut supplies. 

Thanks to technology, many deals can also be found online.  So, if you don’t need to touch everything, or are concerned about impulse control, it is a great option and allows you to stay in your P.J.s.  That is where you will find Cora on Black Friday- online yarn shopping with a cat or two (or four) in her lap.  I am a tactile shopper when it comes to craft supplies (Amazon not withstanding).  So I go out after sleeping in a bit and stopping for breakfast.  Plus, the dogs somehow know when it’s black Friday and the pet stores have their favorite treats on sale.    

While supply chain interruptions might limit some of the goodies to be found, there are deals everywhere you turn.  And many stores are doing some awesome deals early. Shop safe (mask up) and enjoy!

Here is how my 6 year old spent Black Friday last year:

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Black Friday- It's For Crafters Too - Craftopia
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