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Partnership with Tacoma Public Library

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Tacoma Public Library. During the pandemic, TPL has really stepped up to provide services and activities for families. One of the way they did so was creating a wonderful take-home program kit featuring arts, crafts and other activities.

Well, when we stumbled across these offerings, we knew we just had to get involved. So we are pleased to announce that we will be providing TPL with two additional craft activities each month (hopefully more in the future!). There will be 100 of each kit available, first come-first served, for free!

We’ve been sitting on this announcement for a few months now, and it’s been so hard not to share it with you sooner, but we had to make sure all the pieces were in place. So we’re so happy to be able to shout it from the rooftops now…well, at least from the blog and social media 😉

Our first two kits will be Puzzle Piece Snowflakes available January 14th and Yarn Tassel Gnomes available January 29th. Be sure to stop by their website or facebook page to see when the kits are available and check out all the other fun take-home activities they have.

Partnership with Tacoma Public Library - Craftopia
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