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Our craft vault is stocked with a little bit of everything!  Forgot your hook?  Need a button?  Just let us know and we are happy to help you out.

Interested in trying a new hobby, but limited by the expense? Want to try something new before you commit? Lack of space limiting your creativity? Our craft vault is here to help! With VIP Vault access to our craft vault, you can use any of our supplies and equipment while you are here creating.  Access to the vault and all it’s abundance is $12/hour, or purchase a 10-hour punch card for just $100. You can play, use and create as much as you like during your time in the vault, and any projects you make are yours to take.  However, all equipment and supplies must stay at Craftopia and cannot be taken home to work on/with. Craft Vault time is for ages 16+ only. 

In addition to a plethora of commonly used craft supplies, Craftopia currently has the following equipment available for use:

  • Cricut Maker, Mug Press and Mini Press
  • Pyrography Machines
  • Resin and resin dryer
  • UV lights
  • Mug Tumbler
  • Wax melter/burners
  • Mini pottery wheel
  • Polymer Clay accessories (pasta roller, cutters, shapers)
  • Metal Stamp Punches
  • Engraving pens
  • Flower Presses (traditional and microwave)
  • Knitting machines (22, 44 and 48 pin)
  • Hand knitting looms (round, rectangle, afghan and sock)
  • Handheld weaving looms and Speed-O Weave
  • Button maker
  • Airbrush
  • Styrafoam cutter
  • Laser Engraver (due to the special nature of this machine, use must be scheduled in advanced)
  • Sewing Machine and Serger
  • Irons and Steamers
  • Wooden Bow Makers
  • Embroidery hoop stand
  • Papermaking Frames

Craft Vault Rules:

  • Equipment and supplies are for use at Craftopia only.  You may work at the workstation in the Vault, or in the community room if not in use.
  • Put it back when you were done. If you don’t remember where you found something, let a staff person know.
  • If you use the last of something, let a staff person know so we can order more.
  • Please ask for assistance with things on high shelves unless you are spiderman.
  • You are welcome to leave projects to dry/cure/complete later. Unclaimed, abandoned projects may be repurposed, sold or disposed of.
The Craft Vault - Craftopia
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