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Payette Still

Payette discovered her artistic abilities at a very young age. As a youth she blossomed in the performing arts realm, eventually opening up her dance studio which she ran for 35 years. She has always painted as a way to express the many facets of her life. The world is an amazing place and she wants to be able to share her perspective. Her favorite subject matter is nature. She works in mixed media to create motion, color, and joy throughout the paintings. Some are hand sculpted and painted with oil for a Three dimensional look. Others are resin and acrylic in which she hand pours to create the subject matter. Dimension and flow are very important to her. She also enjoy embellishing her paintings with gemstones and other materials like piano keys, porcelain hands or glass to create a bit of reality and yet leaving some chaos for the imagination. Art has the ability to improve anyone’s outlook in life through self-expression.


Payette loves combining texture and technique to come up with truly unique works of art.

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