Finding inspiration

Tis the season!  

No, not really, it’s summer- no matter what the stores are telling you.  We have months until the holidays!  

When I am not feeling crafty but want to feel productive, I find myself organizing my beads.  I put away lose beads from previous classes and take apart pieces I made but decided I didn’t like. I also disassemble necklaces, rings and bracelets purchased at yard sales and Goodwill (gold mine for vintage beads).  I get my hands in with the glass and crystal and plastic and enjoy the simply playing with the beads.    

This is when inspiration hits.  Sometimes I find beads or charms I had forgotten about and suddenly an idea forms.  Other times I simply find a combination I hadn’t considered before.  Today I was putting away charms and found my holiday-themed stash.  With these colorful charms, I find less beads is better and these simple designs are quick and easy to put together and make fabulous earrings.  Work with what moves you when it moves you.    

Books are another great form of inspiration.  There are a billion beading magazines and books out there.  Your local bookstore or craft store is guaranteed to carry a selection, or check out your local thrift store.  I can’t tell you how many different art books I have purchased second hand.  My most favorite finds are books from the 70’s-80’s with long forgotten patterns and styles.  Jewelry, like fashion, goes in waves and is ever-changing.  Of course, there are online options like Pintrest (have you checked out Craftopia’s boards yet?) and simple online searches for ideas.  

There are times when this cleaning/organizing doesn’t yield inspiration- and that’s ok!  Artists are not always inspired, that’s what makes their pieces of art so special and unique.  Don’t force creativity, search for it, and welcome it, but also be prepared to accept that today might not be the day for a masterpiece.    

Grand Craftopening

Welcome to Craftopia.  We are just starting out, but we hope you will join us on our journey to bring more art & crafts and artistic opportunities to our community.

What exactly is Craftopia you ask?  Craftopia is a creative space, a space for learning, creating, sharing and enjoying the company of other crafters.  It is perfect for anyone just starting their crafting journey as well as those who have been creating masterpieces for years.  It is what happens when two highly creative people want to share that creativity with the community.  

Craftopia was dreamt up over a few years and it’s finally time to breathe life into it and see what happens.  We could not be more excited, and nervous, but mostly excited.  Our dreams are large, our own space with open areas for the community to create, classes and workshops, even a storefront for local artists to display and sell their wares.  But to start- classes!  Our Grand Opening is on the 17th from 3-6pm, and after that we start holding classes for those interested in learning new skills.  We will be offering classes for all ages and in several mediums.  I love to make jewelry, but also tend to try anything and everything I see.  (I am literally a serial crafter).  We are starting out with crochet and jewelry, but as we grow so will our offerings.      

We are so thankful to Payette of Payette’s School of Dance for allowing us use of her studio to start our classes.  Payette is an amazing artist herself and works in a number of mediums.  She is also a great dance teacher- in case you know anyone interested in learning some new moves.  Covid was rough.  Being apart was rough (even for an introvert such as myself) and I am so excited that we will finally be able to gather once again. I hope you can join us on the 17th and then are intrigued enough to sign up for some of our classes.  We would love to meet you and see what gifts you have to share.