It starts with a dream

If you could quit your job right now and do anything, what would it be?

Me? I'd spend my days crafting, dancing and gardening (when the weather is nice, of course).

Nothing against my day job, really. It pays the bills and leaves me enough extra money to support my craft addiction. And it provides me with a healthy work-life balance so I have time to do the things I enjoy and get a decent night's sleep, which I realize is more than many people can say. But is it fulfilling? No. Is it stimulating? No. Does it make me feel accomplished and like I'm living a life worth living? No. Do I want to spend the next 30 years plodding away, waiting for the one day when I can -hopefully- retire and actually live my dreams? NO!

Oh, and did I mention that I actually work three jobs?  And have a small crochet business?  

So out of that, the idea of Craftopia was born!

I wasn't the only one feeling that way. My Crafter-in-Crime, Darcy of Serial Crafter, agreed that this would be a much better way to spend our lives.  Nearly everyone I ran the idea by also thought it was pretty fantastic. So now all that we need is a building, some time, and money.  

Enter Covid.  Oh, hello life coming to a screeching halt!  Our business idea definitely depends on in-person happenings, so that all got thrown on a back burner. I mean, are we sure 2020 actually happened?   Because it all seems like one big, hazy dream.  Well, perhaps more like a nightmare.  

Fast forward, here we are in the middle of 2021.  Things are slowly getting back to whatever the new "normal" will be.  And it is time to do this thing!  We have a space, thanks to the generous partnership of Payette's School of Dance and we have the supplies thanks to Darcy and my craft supply shopping addiction.  So all that is missing is...YOU!  (Ok, so time is also still a bit of a challenge, but we are working on it)

We are super excited to be rolling out some craft classes over the next few months and working with other groups to make this dream a reality.

Here's the ultimate dream:  to create a comprehensive, welcoming space for people to come and explore the world of arts and crafts.  This would include having classes and craft parties, creating a co-work space where people can come and use supplies and equipment that would otherwise not be available to them, and providing a space for local artists to sell their products.